About Us

We are a new coalition of antiwar organizations, peace and justice advocates, and citizens of conscience who challenge our elected leaders to end the US wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq and bring our troops home.

Our Purpose

We call for active, non-violent non-cooperation with US war policy. As we vigorously oppose a military escalation in Afghanistan, we encourage mass political mobilization and high-profile antiwar political actions across the country. As America continues to commit war crimes for the profit of the few and at the expense of the many, we engage and energize our fellow citizens to become disablers of war party mentality. We reject defeatist thinking and futile rationales by promoting effective war protest. We break cycles of hopelessness by engaging in immediate and direct actions, consistent with our commitment to non-violence. We believe our actions will produce the best methods for securing peace in our country and the world, and we direct our allegiance to that end.

Our Demands

Our Supporters Are Associated With:

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Open Letter from the Peace Movement to President Obama

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Signatures, continued

 Note: Due to the overwhelming response, uploading of signatures may be delayed.
 Current through 5/4/2011. Thank you for your patience and support.

Luke Rudkowski, NYC
Erin S. Myers, VA
Jim Vaccaro, MD
Joe Azar, VA
Sheila Casey, VA
Bruce Johnson, MD
Betsy Harmon, VA
John W. Thomas, MD
Elaine Sullivan, MD
Richard Amelang, MD
Keegan Sullivan, MD
Matt Sullivan, Editor & Publisher,
Rock Creek Free Press, MD
Janet Murphy, MD
Trudy Sullivan, MD
Judy Smith, VA
Greg Boyd, MD
Casey Johnson, MD
Richard Squires, DC
Michael Joseph Cunningham, MD
Louis Wolf, Co-founder and Director of Research,
CovertAction Quarterly, Associate Editor, Rock Creek Free Press, DC
Louise "Lora" Somlyo, ME
Jeffrey Soule Phillips, ME
Vera T. King, ME
Charles W. King, ME
Gary Higginbottom, ME
Michael Cutting, ME
Christopher Rushlau, ME
Herschel Sternlieb, ME
Selma Sternlieb, ME
Robert Shetterly, ME
Elizabeth A. Streeter, ME
Lisa Savage
Mark Roman
Daniela Reissman, NY
Maryalice Horrigan, ME
Timothy W. Kaminski, MO
Karin Boyer, NC
Jake Towne, 2010 Candidate for US Congress, PA-15
Dave Belden, Managing Editor
Tikkun Magazine, CA
Ty Bradford
Dhyana Bisberg, ME
Jeff McNeely, ME
Claire McNeely, ME
Jan Hillegas, MS
Holly Hart, IA
Julian Holmes, ME
K. Evans, NC
Joe Ureneck, MA
James Goodley, MD
Deanne Hollinger
Genny Genevich, NM
Donald R. Michaelsen, OH
Martha Goodale, ME
Barbara E. Murphy, IL
Sydney Vilen, CA
Dana Silvernale, FL
K. R. Searle, NJ
Peter Laszlo
Deborah Tiedemann, WA
David Hoffman, VA
Charles Coulter, MI
Tom Sturtevant, ME
Dottie Ji,
Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War, NJ
M. Phyllis Cunningham
Barbara Larcom, MD
Ariel Curtis, founding member of
Progressive Democrats of America, East Bay Chapter CA
Aline Kultgen, MO
John H. Kultgen, MO
Jim McQuiade, ME
Sydney Vilen, CA
Jean Sanborn, ME
Joan Edwards
Nancy Squillacioti, FL
Susan Goldstein, CA
Stewart Ogilby, Editor,
NewsWatch.org, Bigeye.com
Corey Abbott, PA
Miriam Oppenheimer, PA
Eleanore Wootton, CA
Devra & Mike Morice,
Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)
Kevin Gallagher
Ronald G. Peete, Vietnam veteran, NV
Robert Krikourian
Norman Altstedter
Richard P. Fuller, NJ
Martin Jones, NC
Hugh N. Holmes, Jr.
Paul A. Kirby, NV
Michael E. Badgett, NC
Joan Livingston, MA
Kahlil Chaar-Pérez, NY Bonnie Redding, FL
Sally O'Boyle
Lisa Green, State Assembly Green Party 2010 Candidate, 53rd District, CA
Sue Morris, VT
John Morris, VT
Vivien D. Wolsk, Ph.D.
Clayton Lory II, Executive Director,
Deist Society
Jerry Hoard
Darwin H. Tsen, NY
Dean Taylor
Aspen Espinosa, NM
Robert Abuhoff
Diana Dorer
Joel DeMott, AL
Joshua Mayer
Craig Robinson, WA
Dayne Goodwin,
Wasatch Coalition for Peace and Justice, UT
Laura Furst, IN
John Anderson, MN
Fernando Suarez del Solar, father of Jesus Suarez del Solar, died in Iraq,
Guerrero Azteca Peace Project, www.guerreroazteca.org
Maria Valadez, mother of Ernesto Ricardo Guerra, died in Iraq
Ricardo Juarez Nava,
Mexicanos Sin Fronteras DC, www.mexicanossinfronteras.org
Frank Nester, MI
Nelly Baldan Badia, NY
Mary Grace Fish, NY
Tony Gantt, GA
Mark Moore, MI
Bobbee Murr, OR
Meg Whitaker-Greene
Cindy Piester,
Citizens for Accountability, Ventura CountyCA
Chris Hunter
Laura Bernier
Phillip Hext, OR
Dr. James Hufferd, Founder,
911 Truth of Central Iowa
Ken Seaman,
Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Mag Seaman,
Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Terry Adcock, TX
Nicholas Siegrist, PA
David A. Johnston, PA
Tony S. Jugé, Ph.D., CA
Boxcar, political comic/social critic,
www.highcontrastcomedy.com, CA
Vikas Pulivarti, MD
Edward Shannon
Rael Nidess, M.D., TX
Ymani Simmons, NC
Armstrong Fleurimond, FL
Peter Iannone, NY
Michelle Gussow, Independent film maker and co-founder of the
Indy Artists' Peace Project
Ralf Haug
Jay Urbanik
John Hathaway, IL
Rosemary Turner, WA
Robyn Jakubiec, CT
Eric Ellis, IN
Efia Nwangaza, SC
Christopher Felix Fossedal
Chuck Palazzo, VVAW, Danang, Vietnam
Bryan Todd, CA
Dr. Carolyn LaDelle Bennett, Author, independent journalist
Karen Martin, KY
John P. Shannon, Maj. USMC (Retired), Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer (Retired)
Stuart Hutchison, Organizer, ProsecuteThemNow.com, NJ
Dustin Gritters, IA
Gilbert Robiedo
Joy Robiedo
Jacob Dalager, NY
Bradley R. Anbro, IL
Mary Ratcliff, Editor, San Francisco Bay View, www.sfbayview.com, CA
Barbara Murphy, FL
William Parlette, Switzerland
Deborah Van Kleef, OH
M. Phyllis Cunningham
Robert Sweetmann
Joe Prebeg
Julie Carter, ME
Rita Borgeson, CT
Rosana Benites, MD
Bunny Daubner, VT
Kevin Zeese, Executive Director,
www.VotersForPeace.US, MD
June D. Komisar, Ph.D., Toronto, Canada
Mark Anderson, PA
Andrew Richards, MD
Georgiana Hernandez, Ed.D., Executive Director,
Planning For Change, CA
Jared Christopher RN, BSN, CCRC, MD
John Allen, NC
Walter Teague, MD
Mohan Scott Attar, FL
David Brickey Bloomer, OR
William Munson, FL
Mary Alice Horrigan
Elizabeth Behrens, MD
Peter H. Syben, Major, US Army, Retired, WA
Matt Nelson, VA
Vic Anderson FL
Andrea Scharnau, MO
Deb Friedman, MD
Maria M. Cummings
Randy Oftedahl
Constance Newman Penn, OR
Martha Burton, KY
Mary Beardslee, GA
K. Pera
Walter L. Bradley Jr., MA
Maria Crutchfield, IN
Darwin Aronoff
Tony Hammock, GA
Dakota-Skye Eagle
Charles Steiner, CA
Mateusz Marcinowski, MA
Ruth H. Strauss MD, Cardiologist, CA
Dr. Larry McClung, TX
Jane Huntington
Robert Barrett, CA
Neil J. Scott
Joanne Chen, CA
Burritt Lacy
Gene Messick, True Blue Network
Nancy Anton, ME
Mike Ellison, Vancouver for Peace, WA
Jacob Roodenburg
Mary Anselment, MN
Mae Jackson, NY
Susan Smiley, CA
Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D, MA & MD
Richard Hillier MD
Renee Vogelsang, NY & DC
J. Kadir Cannon
Linda Ann Ballard, OSC
Charles F Clark MD, MPH
Toni Welch, VA
Graham W. Brimhall III, AZ
Dan Kenney, Co-Founder,
No Private Armies noprivatearmies.org
Joan Wages, VA
Sandy Rose, OH
Jim Davidson, Capt. F/V Billie Marie, WA
Dr. Stephen Paczolt, VA
Karen M. Lehrke, MN
Steven Skattebo
Kelly Mulhollan, VP,
Omni Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology, AK
Johanna Pettit, CT
Uwe Blesching, Ph.D., CA
Judy Meyer
Margi Buiso, CO
Mary Anne Dwyer
Andrew McGrath, PA
Charles Infantino
John Keim
Robert Barrett, CA
Claudia Leight, MD
Amy Fried, Ph.D.,
OpEdNews.com author
Bryan Carvalho, RI
Stephen Lendman
David Moritz, WA
Al Hidalgo, OH
Janice Wieczorek
Peter Boettcher
David R. Saffold, DC
Stephen J Philpin, CA
Mark Hannan, MN
Kristen Zehner, WI
Ronald Krinock
Cynthia Davies, FL
David Crymes OR
Karl Pavloff, Cincinnati 9/11 Truth, OH
Melissa Garner,
Instruments for Peace, TX
Barbara Schroder, NY
Nelly Baldan Badia, NY
Matthew Stokes Redabaugh
Dianna S. Baker
Miguel A. Rodriguez
Susan Vitantonio, NJ
Jackie Guthrie, MA
Robin Gaura, AZ
William Dyson
Glenn Moyer, PA
Holly Brown, CA
Alice Slater, NY
Eric French,
Amauta Magazine
Carol T. Wallitt, IA
Diana Dorer
David Murray,
Independent Radio WWUH, WHUS
Nicole Sandler, www.airamerica.com/nights, www.RadioOrNot.com
Roberta Pyzel
Rickio Woods
John Zang
Robert Schade, IL
Bertiz Benhamid, SC
Mark W. Paris
Christy Lewis, PA
Nino La Rocca, NY
Robin E. Brooks, ME
Janice Hart, NM
Greg Brown, IL
Jeanette Stucky, KS
Mitra Ziainia, WA
Karen Button, AK
Don Torrence
Elaine Torrence
Robert Rico, CA
Noah Bates
Mary Connelly, CA
Colleen Kelly, MO
Russell E. Buote, Vietnam veteran, NH
Bob Thomas
Steve Kronen, FL
Joseph Elias, PA
Gyan Kanal
Matt Salomon, MD
James F. Harrington, TX
Clinton T. Johnson
Amos Farooqi, NY
Mary Anne Dwyer, WA
Patrick McCloskey, PA
Kevin "Yeaux" Dupuy, LA
Andrew Kornfeld, NY
Russ Frizzell, TX
Jon Paul McClellan, NC
Rick Thürnagel, Germany
Joe Robertson, NM
Linda A. Daniel
Holly Simpson, KY
Robin D. Hordon, WA, 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE and JUSTICE
Lisa Schroeder, Canada
Levi Allen Goff, TX
Michael Kellner, CA
Christopher Ostros, NJ

[current as of 5/4/2011]

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